Murder On The Map: Panel 3 Additional Material

by Fergus McNeill

I've always valued the sense of place in a story - where the setting adds atmosphere, and even a touch of reality, to fictional events. While working on my first novel, I began travelling to the area where each chapter was set, and writing on-location as much as possible. And for some reason, with almost all my locations being real, I started to keep track of them on a map.

Now, several books later, it's become a habit. I have several maps, annotated with key locations from each story. It's always tricky to avoid spoilers, but I've done my best, and hopefully it will be fun to see where my novels overlap with real places you might know.

Tap to open any of the following maps:





Enjoy exploring, and I apologise if I've staged a murder in your street!

Fergus McNeill has been creating computer games since the eighties, when he started writing interactive fiction titles. Over the years he became known for his own content, and his adaptations of other authors’ material, including working with Terry Pratchett to create the first Discworld game.
EYE CONTACT, a contemporary crime thriller, was his debut novel, followed by KNIFE EDGE and CUT OUT, the latest in the Bristol-based Detective Harland series. Now running an app development studio, Fergus lives in Hampshire with his family, and their very large cat.

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