BritCrime's Steve Cavanagh On CWA Steel Dagger Longlist

by Steve Cavanagh

Something fantastic happened to me last week. A big, shiny, amazing thing.

Did I win the lottery?

Did Angus Young from AC/DC call me and tell me that Brian Johnson just wasn't cutting it and would I step in as front man for the band's last tour?

Did David Cameron have a tragic and embarrassing accident with a vacuum cleaner?

Unfortunately, none of those wonderful things happened. This was something better.

During an adjournment in court, I checked my phone and found I had a notification on twitter. I got a tweet from my mate and fellow Northern Ireland author, Stuart Neville, congratulating me on the Dagger nomination. Susi Holliday had also got in contact. I'd got no official message, so I wondered what the hell they were talking about, but then I followed the links to the CWA website and there it was - my debut novel, The Defence, had been longlisted for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger.

Even as I type this, I'm still not convinced it's true. I've checked a few times now, so I know it's correct. In fact, here's the link for the full list CWA Steel Dagger.

I'm truly stunned to be on the longlist with such brilliant authors so a huge thank you to the Judges and to the CWA.

And if you want to know more about me, or the book, head over to my website and make sure to come and say hello on Saturday 11th July as I take part in the fantastic BritCrime Festival.

It's going to be very good indeed. In fact, almost as good and David Cameron getting caught with a Hoover...(Woah! Blog Admin)

Sorry about that.

As you were.

Steve Cavanagh is a lawyer and writer from Belfast. The Defence, published by Orion Books in the UK, is his first novel. He's probably mentioned that already. You can find out all about The Defence on Steve's website or head over to The Amazon page  and check out The Defence (has he mentioned that enough yet?)

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