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Today I’m interrogating the lovely Noelle who blogs via Crime Book Junkie. (

Hi, Noelle, welcome to BritCrime. Can I ask you first why you like crime as a genre? What about crime novels appeals to you?

The name of my blog sort of hints at my reason for crime as a genre—I am totally addicted to it! I work in the Criminal Justice system, all my University degrees (I have 1 Diploma, 3 Hons BA’s and Master’s degree) are related to crime in one form or another and when I was younger I had (still have) a weird fascination for serial killers. I am obsessed!

Crime novels appeal to me because you get drawn in to solving the crime, into the killers head, into the victims need for survival or justice –everything! And I absolutely love it when I figure things out before the “big reveal”. The twists excite me and the resolution makes it all worthwhile.

What gave you the impetus to start blogging?

I was given an amazing opportunity by Katherine Everett of Best Crime Books and More to Guest review on her blog. Before then, I had started reviewing on Amazon and Goodreads and following Victoria Wilkinson of I love reading/Kat on Facebook. When Kat asked me if I wanted to guest review, I jumped at the chance. One of my reviews caught the eye of a Publicist and I was asked to do an author interview – I nearly died with excitement and it was then I caught the bug. Kat encouraged me after a few months to start up my own blog and CrimeBookJunkie was born!

Do you have a particular favourite sub-genre, such as psychological thrillers or police procedurals?

I have a few favourite sub-genres: True Crime, psychological thrillers, police procedurals, legal thrillers and action thrillers too! I also have a slight obsession with Jack The Ripper and have quite a collection of the various theories on his crimes/ identity.

Who’s on your Must Read list? 

Michael J Malone
I have a soft spot for my #CaffeineNightsCrimeGuys: Graham Smith, Mike Craven and Col Bury. I have read most if not all of their books and will always shout out about them! Graham and Col will be reading at Noir At The Bar in Harrogate on 21st July –EEEK! Both Mike and Graham have books coming out soon—Body Breaker for Mr Craven and it is superb! And Matching The Evidence (novella)—out Sept 9th + I Know Your Secret (novel) out October 6th for Mr Smith. Mr Bury…you need to catch up!!

Michael J Malone is also on my Must Read list—LOVE the McBain books and looking forward to his next book from Orenda in September!

Douglas Skelton has become a fave too, thanks to my #Twinnie- Sharon Bairden.

AJ Waines: No Longer Safe – What… A ….Book!

Paul Grzegorzek: But For The Grace of God is one of my all-time faves. He has a few fab books and I am a huge fan. Same goes for Stephen Edger.

Mel Sherratt: love the Estate series – in fact, all her books—even the girly ones!

Mel Comley: I am a huge Justice series fan.

Bookouture have some great authors: Caroline Mitchell, Angie Marsons, Robert Bryndza and eeeeek—Casey Kelleher!!

Ok—I had better stop—but all of those are on my Must Read list and when contacted by any one of them – everything gets dropped as they are the “chosen ones”

Snatched From Home by Graham Smith
Who is your favourite character from a crime novel, and why?

Wow…tough question. I have a few but will try to keep it short - my Top 3 :
I adore DI Harry Evans from Graham Smith’s books. He is a cop you hate to love. He is brash, uses unconventional methods to get his way/solve a crime – but despite all his negative qualities, he has a heart of gold.

Mark Baines from Stephen Edger’s books. My fictional crush – or one of them. He is just an average guy but finds himself in extraordinary situations. He has a great sense of humour, a desire of justice and can get himself out of difficult situations.

John Cooper from Paul Grzegorzek’s But for The Grace of God - *swoon* - I may love him even more than Mark Baines!! This guy has troubles - serious troubles, fighting an addiction, wronged by the job he loved, trouble follows him – but he has a determination to overcome and I picture him as really, really hot! HA HA HA

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Everything! The friendships I have made with authors, fellow bloggers and readers. Coming across new authors. Being able to shout from the rooftops and promote the less known but super talented authors. Sharing my thoughts with other bookish folks who just “get” me! I love everything about it!

Have you ever thought of turning your own hand to crime (writing, I mean!)

I have…and I am! I need to get cracking but have a load of ideas, words and chaos in some notebooks and the laptop. I will be attending Crime & Publishment in Gretna Green, March 2017 to learn from some of the masters too! It may be the only book I ever write – but I am determined to do it!

Good for you! So, any advice for anyone thinking of starting a crime fiction blog?

Just enjoy it! I have been blogging for one year and although it can be quite busy, it never feels like a chore. I have had to learn how to say ‘No’ – you just cannot read everything – even if you want too! Speak to other Bloggers, they are so supportive. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else—do what you want and how you want it. Love every minute of it – I do – I wish I could do it all day/every day!

That’s wonderful to hear. As a writer, I know I speak for all my peers when I say we’re hugely grateful for the work you do – unpaid – and so it’s good to hear you really enjoy it. 

Thanks so much Ava! Sorry if I rambled a bit! I just LOVE crime fiction and sometimes can’t help myself!

No need to apologise. Your enthusiasm is infectious and heartwarming. Thanks so much for joining me today, and the best of luck with your own book!
♠ @NHolten40

Ava Marsh

Ava Marsh is the author of psychological thriller, Untouchable. Her second book, Exposure, is out now with Transworld.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Noelle and ta for the 'push'! There'll be plenty more to come from little old me. All the best with your own book. x

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