A Day in the Life of Scott Hunter

by Scott Hunter
So, over the weekend made surprising and pleasing progress with website updates. FB ads going well. Have an idea for the WIP. Flushed with optimism, into Monday . . . this week, no IT. No band rehearsals till Thursday. Today I was going to write. Today at 09.45, my son informed me he needed a lift into town because he was sitting his driving test theory.

Drove son to town. Had a coffee, read my mail, didn’t open my WIP. Remember I need to collect my musical equipment from storage. When though? Er . . . . . .

Son returns; he passed. Now we need to go to the employment agency (he’s on summer break from uni) to hand his forms in and I need to be around in my usual supporting capacity.

Get home. Now, to the WIP . . .

No, daughter phones in tears. Bad day at school. Walking home. Into the car to collect her . . .

Now, to the . . .

No, son has an issue with Xbox live payments. He set up a dummy email address and MS are deducting £3/month from his (empty) student account and he can’t remember his dummy email password to login and stop it.

Frantic internet search for a support number ensues. Simultaneously field many band-related phone calls about rehearsal venue changes for Thur/Friday.

Now, to . . .

No. Forgot I had to post some urgent mail. Off to PO. Queue is 30 deep. Give up and drive to country post office which is quieter. Drive home. It’s 4pm. What???

Now, t . . .

No. Teenagers are starving and no food.

Order pizza.

Now . . .

It’s 5pm.

No. . . how?

Dog comes in and asks why he hasn’t had a walk.

Bury head in hands.

Tomorrow is another day . . .

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