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Today on Ms Marsh Investigates I’m turning the spotlight on Lucy V Hay, who wears many hats, including script editor, author, blogger and reviewer! So, Lucy, why crime as a genre? What about crime novels appeals to you?
I’m naturally nosy, so finding out WHY characters do certain things, or HOW certain situations transpire really appeals to me. I also love secrets, so mysteries appeal for that reason. My day job is as a script editor for movies, so plotting and structure is what I do all day – crime is plot-driven, so I love to see how all the jigsaw pieces fit together. I loved playing Cluedo as a child and trying to figure out the murderer, so now I love to read crime fiction.

So, what gave you the impetus to start blogging?

I’ve been blogging for years! My site at is what helped me establish and build my career as a script editor, so it was an obvious choice to do the same at with my new found love of book blogging and reviewing.

Do you have a particular favourite sub-genre, such as psychological thrillers or police procedurals?

Psychological Thrillers are my absolute favourite sub genre of crime fiction. I like police procedurals, but really enjoy a ‘normal’ person being pulled into an investigation or mystery. As a reader I feel it presents more potential characterisation options and plotting twists and turns.

Who’s on your Must Read list?

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
I think my favourite author ever is Gillian Flynn; SHARP OBJECTS was a revelation to me. I always recommend IN HER WAKE by Amanda Jennings; LITTLE BLACK LIES by Sharon Bolton; THE WICKED GIRLS by Alex Marwood; HUMBER BOY B by Ruth Dugdall; BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by BA Paris; INTO THE DARKEST CORNER by Elizabeth Haynes and of course, UNTOUCHABLE! True story. They all have three dimensional and authentic, enigmatic female leads – my favourite kind of character!!!

Thank you! I feel most honoured that Untouchable made your shortlist. Do you have any pet peeves – overused tropes, clichéd characters, etc?

I’m really tired of the wet blanket housewife who is run off her feet with work, kids, animals etc and then fears her husband has done something bad (but of course he hasn’t). I’m also tired of the sister who is jealous and kills people to implicate our protagonist. Both these situations could be solved with a simple conversation!!

Lol, I think a lot of fictional situations could be resolved if only character would actually talk to each other! So who is your favourite character from a crime novel, and why?

I think Amy Dunne from GONE GIRL. She’s such an unbelievable bitch, but you totally get her. She is the voice of every scorned and humiliated woman with a dickhead husband like Nick and I was secretly cheering for her every step of the way.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Making the e-quaintance of others! Some I will meet in real life, too at events like Crimefest. I love how the crime fiction and book reviewing community is so close and yet so welcoming to newcomers, too. It’s fabulous to find your tribe and talk about what you love.

Have you ever thought of turning your own hand to crime (writing, I mean!)

Absolutely. I’ve just launched my novella, SKYJACK, as part of THE FORGOTTEN WOMEN SERIES, a dystopian crime/action-adventure. I’m also currently writing my second crime fiction novel and my first, THE OTHER TWIN, is out on submission.

Any advice for anyone thinking of starting a crime fiction blog?

It’s a good idea to have a strategy when blogging, so readers know what your blog is ‘for’. In my case, my blog has two main features: BEST OF 3 – where readers can recommend 3 of their recent favourite reads and what they liked about them, plus CRIMINALLY GOOD, which features interviews with crime fiction authors and screenwriters. We’ve had some amazing books recommended, plus some awesome writers featured – including top author Peter James!

Lastly, you’re hosting a fantasy crime fiction dinner party – who would you invite? Can be writers, other bloggers, whoever. Alive or dead!

As a crime fiction enthusiast and living in Devon, I’ve GOT to have Agatha Christie at my table, of course! And though she wasn’t a crime fiction author, I’d love to see Maya Angelou sitting next to her. THAT would be a fascinating clash of worlds, for sure.

Writing and Selling Thriller ScreenplaysYes, it would! Well, thank you so much for joining us today, Lucy, and good luck with your book on submission!

♠  Lucy V Hay is currently writing her first psychological thriller novel. She is also a script editor for movies and has written the nonfiction book, Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays (Kamera Books).

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Ava Marsh

Ava Marsh is the author of psychological thriller, Untouchable. Her second book, Exposure, is out now with Transworld.

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