#BritCrime Festival Special: Extended Interview with MJ McGrath

Don't miss this special BritCrime Festival edition extended interview with MJ McGrath from our friends at the Joined Up Writing Podcast. 

Here's the introduction from hosts Wayne and Leah:

The Bone SeekerThis week we talk to The Bone Seeker author, MJ McGrath about her work and process as well as being a panelist at the online Crime Fiction festival, BritCrime. The festival runs from July 11th to 13th and features more than 40 Crime Authors, online panels, inside knowledge, book giveaways and opportunities for aspiring writers too. Check out the #BritCrime hashtag, follow on Twitter and scoot over to the website for more info.

Melanie McGrath is a successful journalist and writer with two CWA Gold Dagger nominations to her name. In addition to her Arctic crime series, Melanie has written several non-fiction books, some based on her world travels to places like Iceland, Madagascar, Mali, Namibia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Russia, China, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and, of course the Canadian Arctic, which is where her Edie Kiglatuk series takes place.

Melanie has some fascinating insights in to her research and writing life, including a traumatic real-life experience that shaped the way she views the Crime genre.

Listen to the interview on the Joined Up Writing site here or find it on iTunes here.


♠ Melanie McGrath is a journalist and author of bestselling nonfiction. As MJ McGrath, she writes the Edie Kiglatuk series of Arctic mysteries.The series has been translated into 18 languages. The Bone Seeker has been long listed for the 2015 CWA Gold Dagger and is a Financial Times crime pick of the year.

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