Two free books for #BritCrime readers
The Memory Man is an intriguing new short story from bestselling British author Helen Smith.

Two women become friends in an abandoned post-apocalyptic building. A psychic makes contact with a lost soul. His apprentice tries to find news of a man he has lost touch with. Fragments of memories are traded and twisted. Friendship provides comfort, but the recovery of memories brings torment rather than reassurance - until truth becomes secondary to survival.

"Smith has an extraordinarily rich imagination that never fails to surprise and delight." Huffpost Books

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Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange by Helen Smith

An entertaining short story set in a futuristic England, Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange is a bite-sized introduction to Helen Smith’s writing.

Sarah wanted a sensitive, poetic, romantic boyfriend who would bring her flowers. Ryan ticks all the boxes. So why isn’t Sarah happy?

“A kind of breakfast table Blade Runner with a pleasing absurdist quality… the writing is deliciously playful.”

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