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Unrelenting, hilarious and deliciously dark. Perfect for fans of the Dexter series.

Mark Foster is not just a passport controller. He is also a ruthless killer. Everyone falls into two categories, he believes – murderers and victims. And he is no victim…

By the time hotshot City boy Mark Allingham strays across his deadly path, Foster has already caught his scent. The self-styled ‘Shark’, Allingham is as arrogant and irredeemable as they come. Filthy rich with no sympathy for those underneath him, Mark ‘the Shark’ stops at nothing to line his pockets.

Watching from the wings, Foster’s bank account groans and his lust for blood sharpens. Unable to control himself, this devilishly dark-minded passport controller delves into Allingham’s life, revealing untold secrets and dirty affairs. Illegal deals. Corporate corruption. Illicit love affairs.

Stealing into Allingham’s apartment, Foster is about to learn what lies beneath the pompous yet clean façade. Indeed, all is not well for this ambitious city-dealer. But when he discovers that an officer from the Financial Services’ Authority is investigating the Shark as well, he must decide how to avoid getting caught.

Can he quench his bloodthirst without taking down Allingham? Or has the game only just begun for the hunter and his ‘Hammerhead’ prey?

‘Hammerhead’ is the unrelenting, hilarious and deliciously dark sequel to ‘Dead on Arrival’, perfect for fans of the Dexter series.

Praise for Thomas Black:
'A fast, funny, quirky read you won't be able to put down. Foster is a memorable anti-hero - I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next one. ' - Louise Voss, author of The Venus Trap

'A darkly funny and twisted killer for the 21st century' - Scott Griffin, best-selling author of The Patient.

‘A brilliantly executed story with a nice thread of sharp wit.’ - Gordon Bickerstaff author of Everything To Lose

Thomas Black was born in New York and now lives in the UK. His alter-ego will be teaching the BritCrime Summer School as Tom Bromley.

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