BritCrime Festival Friday Evening Panel: The Replay

Thanks to everyone who joined us live for our first panel, Friday 15th July. Derek Farrell, Amanda Jennings, Helen Smith, Douglas Skelton, Jay Stringer and Cally Taylor were joined by Jeanette Hewitt, Caroline Mitchell, Quentin Bates, Thomas Mogford, Rachel Davidson, a cat, a mysterious stranger who stole a kiss, and a husband celebrating a tenth wedding anniversary.

We talked about outlining novels and showed our planning boards. We listened to an Icelandic lullaby. We were heckled and encouraged by Tammy Cohen, Marnie Riches, Sarah Ward, Anne Cater, Gordon McGhie, Marina Sophia, Sophie, Glynis and Rachel Emms. We were watched by publishers, readers, writers, bloggers and friends. Thank you all for joining us and sorry if I have forgotten to give you a name-check here.

We talked for three hours, two of them recorded, one off-the record as we polished off the prosecco.

We talked about the books we wished we'd written and our favourite endings, whether to switch genre, whether you need to have a gimmick and why you should tune into the next Blab, Saturday morning, 10:30 am UK time.

Here is the replay:

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