What readers are saying about #BritCrime's new releases

Love reading mysteries and thrillers? See what BritCrime readers are saying about today's new releases. Dunne: A Killing Moon

DI Brook is confronted with kidnap, torture and murder in this intricately plotted crime thriller.

"A Killing Moon is another brilliantly tense thriller from Derby's very own crime writer Steven Dunne...  A Killing Moon isn't a simple 'guess the murderer' style crime novel. It's one of those books in which things start out quietly, and seemingly simply, but soon escalate... The plot twists in satisfyingly complex ways - and, even though the reader, seeing more than one side to the story, is often a couple of steps ahead of the police enquiry, it isn't possible to foresee how things will end."  
Mary, Our Book Reviews Online

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Colette McBeth: The Life I Left Behind

If you want the truth who are you going to turn to?

"Utterly compelling and hypnotic... There are heartbreaking truths and shocking twists as Melody gets nearer to the truth and learns the identity of her attacker and Eve's killer. The plot is outlined in glorious detail, with McBeth's considerable talent as a storyteller building the layers as there book races towards its conclusion. It's a real page-turner that I begrudgingly put down only when my eyes were stinging with tiredness."
Claire Loves to Read

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Ava Marsh: Untouchable

A gritty commercial thriller with an addictive blend of sex and intrigue...

"I found ‘Untouchable’ completely compelling reading. At times my heart was genuinely racing as I didn’t know what the outcome would be in several of the situations. The plot is so skilfully constructed that it surprises and wriggles away from the reader just as you think you have an understanding of what exactly is happening."  
Linda's Book Bag

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Thanks to Mary, Claire and Linda for the reviews.

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